Our Team
Our Team



Tiger HU


Principal of BC School

Founder of the BC Chinese language education, Chairman of Beijing Bo Chong Jiahua Education Advisory Co., Ltd.

He is committed to the promotion of Chinese to every corner of the world, so people around the world would understand more about China, entrepreneurship is not easy and almost let him have a hint of giving up, but he has been insisted it until now, has always been an example for all the colleagues to follow, has attracted many people to join BC.

Lisa Rock


Principal of BC Headquarters in Austria

Austrian, love Chinese culture, can speak fluent Chinese. She hopes to promote Chinese language and Chinese culture to European people, so Europeans can genuinely, realistically and objectively understand about China and willing to become the messenger of the Chinese culture.



Chen Yang


Teaching Director

Responsible for the teaching management of BC School and teaching arrangement for all students, as well as teachers' training and teaching materials preparation. She is also the examiners of the Chinese Proficiency Test. Strive to continuously improve the professional quality of their own team of teachers, to keep track of the progress of teaching and learning of the students. Hope that students can improve their Chinese proficiency and achieve satisfactory results while enjoying the process of learning Chinese. Focus on teaching HSK6, her student achievement is outstanding.

Ni Jia


Education Deputy Director

In charge of the oral Chinese teaching, work with the Dean and Teaching Director. Participate in the book management training. Professional and dedicated, an example of BC School. In teaching, students are required to try to get to the highest standards, student should know the knowledge; in life, concerned about the students, become friends with the students, introduce Chinese culture. Set a good example for the other BC School teachers.


Yuan Meng

Project Manager

BC School of foreign expert’s project leader, to customize every foreign experts, arrange the Chinese learning courses, and at the same time keep track of the course progress and the teaching feedback and also organize business students to conduct various business exchange activities.



Qi ZhiMei


Chief Executive Director

Manage the school daily affairs, solve all problems of the students. Assist the teacher to arrange and adjust the class situation. Is a bridge between the teachers and the students, her enthusiasm is more likely to make students comfortable in BC School, to make them feel like they are in their home country.

Sun Jin

Senior Lecturer

Chinese - English bilingual instructor, grasp the latest trend issue and put it into the learning content, so the students in the classroom can quickly learn and grasp about the current trend issue in China, Europe and the United States. Flexible and diverse teaching methods, the classroom atmosphere is warm and passionate.



Cheng Xinwei

Senior Lecturer

One of the senior teacher in BC School, responsible for teaching oral class, business class, and other related courses. Her teaching style is combine with easy humor, knowledge and entertainment, it sure will be the perfect combination. She is very popular among the students. At the same time, she is responsible for the daily media management.

Liu Limin

Senior Lecturer

Senior teacher in BC School, with many years of teaching experience, good at oral and life scenes integration, while adding social and economic aspects in the teaching content. In recent years, focus more on teaching business and university students, an experts and a family members of the main teachers, recognized by the students all around the world.



Long Lin


Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. in Chinese professional at Beijing Normal University, have a solid professional knowledge, strict logic thinking, has many years of teaching experience. In BC, she is responsible for teaching oral Chinese and HSK grading courses. Her teaching style is relaxed and lively, entertaining, well organized, she pay attention to interaction, and also has a very strong pertinence.

Han Li Mei

Senior Lecturer

Engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language for more than 20 years, has taught in well-known Universities. Have a rich experience in Oral courses, HSK course, one-on-one class, small to even large group classes. The class atmosphere is lively, the content explanation is clear and easy to understand. After class, she likes to chat enthusiastically with students, correcting their grammatical errors, getting praised by the students from all countries. 





German Project Director

From the beginning deal with the German language teaching and A1 certificate examination counseling, summarizes the problems that the students encountered in the lessons and solve it together with the students. Help students to understand more about German (Germanic) and pass the exam.